péntek, április 20, 2018

These 16 Adorable Bears Doding Regular Human Things.

It's still a debate whether panda is a bear or a raccoon, but panda also known as panda bear. The point is they are...

Places where you surely wouldn’t look for a cat

There are places where rest is much better than a fluffy bed.        

14 little kids and their big dogs.

Sooo cute. :)  

10 cute kittens in costumes.

Up to now the kids wore costumes. The animals continue this tradition. Very cute.  

A man who gives new life with his cat for the most popular movie...

Unbelievable but this man remake some movie scenes with his cat. Do you recognize the movies?  

Frog with two snails on head looks like Princess Leia.

Photoshop Battle ON :D    

23 never seen x-rays of pregnant animals.

Share with us if you have similar picture.    

What have you done with me?

17 funny fur designs for animals. :)    

Why do we love boxers?

Because of their smile. :)  

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