vasárnap, május 27, 2018

Hugging chair – the end of hugless days.

Thanks to Eun Kyoung Lee the designer who has invented the Free Hug Sofa. It means the end of lonely hugless days. I need one! :)

20 cute dogs who got kicked out of their bed by cats.

Share with us if you have similar picture.  

Life Of Everyday Objects In 23 Adorable Illustrations.

When an illustrator combine the real life things with everyday objects these adorable pictures born. Like, when you find yourself in one of these.   ...

This beautiful couple with down’s syndrome share their pictures of they wedding day.

They want to tell everybody 'love is the greatest thing'. Polly and Joe fell in love 8 years ago. Their love is the proof that everybody has...

12 pár akik élő példája, hogy az igaz szerelem egy életen át tart.

Meglátjuk, megszeretjük, majd úgy érezzük, hogy vele akarjuk leélni az életünket. Ám ez a kezdeti bizsergés sajnos nem tart örökké, de nem múlik teljesen....

A Real Relationship Before And After Marriage In 8 Fantastic Illustrations.

An illustrator created these 8 pictures to show us some relationship goals. What is your goals and how do you know that your partner is...

12 Times When Kids Were Inappropriate But They Were So Cute.

When your child is inappropriate and your first reaction is just take a photo because he or she is so cute. That's why can...

20 cute dogs who think they are cats.

Am I a cat? ... wait a minute... :D  

K9 puppies in training.

They are trying to act tought but they are too adorable! :)  

Have you ever heard about Pitsky, Basset Pei or Horgi?

Let's see these cross-breeds.    

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