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Here are 18 tattoos that only the bravest would dare to get

Nonfigurative, black tattoos used to be the popular choice to go for, but nowadays more people get minimalist, rather humorous designs. You’ve probably seen many tattoos with tiny flowers, small figures, and symbols, these are considered cool today. Some people, however, only get a tattoo done to get a laugh out of it. Just like the hula hooping Lord of the Rings character, that you’ll see below later in this post. Today we’ll show the tattoos only the bravest would dare to put on themselves. The question is, are you one of them?

1, You won’t be bored anywhere with this tattoo

2, A tattoo that perfectly portrays the meaning of life.

3, This tattoo is a must have for every Toy Story fan.

4, When you realize you don’t have any money on you a little bit too late.

5, This person most likely believes that extraterrestrial life exists.

6, Everyone knows that we are still a kid at heart.

7, Two halves make a whole.

8, Some people use humour to cope with being bald.

9, Look at that, a true patriot. Would you ever get something like this?

10, Looks like someone is a bit too obsessed with memes.

11, Another tattoo to play with.

12, A tattoo for real foodies.

13, A couple’s tattoo, that stays cool even after the breakup.

14, Something makes me think this person loves pasta.

15, You know you’ve found the one when he looks at you the way Homer looks at donuts.

16, Looks like Tinker Bell didn’t age very well.

17, Story of my life. Unfortunately, a bad accident left me paralyzed…

18, When the Lord of the Rings parties a bit too hard.

Do you have any tattoos?

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