Sunday, July 23, 2017

China: train travels right through in block of flats.

Would you live in a building like this?

This little girl is amazing and she is just 12 years old!

America's Got Talent 2017  

Maybelline has a new campaign face.

For the first time ever it’s a guy! What do you think about this?

CHILD STARS: then and now

Drew Barrymore / Miley Cyrus / Emily Osment / Selena Gomez / Lindsay Lohan / Anna Chlumsky / Mara Wilson / Dakota Fanning / Abigail Breslin / Alyson Stoner / Taylor Lautner / Elijah...

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

Boxer puppies trying to stay awake!

They are so cute. :) Share with us if you have similar video.

Shocking video over Auschwitz!

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