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Bridget Jones – then and now (15 years in 20 pictures)

The first installment of this series premiered no less than 15 years ago.  

Then & Now: The Fast and the Furious

I think everyone like this film and now let's see the differences before the movie and after the movie. What has changed?

The wildest Grammy outfits of all time.

Whoa! Very interesting clothes.  

This happens when actors from our favorite movies or series reunite.

These photos will leave you in tears.

23 celebs THEN and NOW.

The fame changes every person life. We would like to show, how.

20 Hollywood stars’ first movie roles.

The first role is the most important thing in the young actor's life. Let's look some young actors. Robert Downey Jr. is the cutest in my...

Man photoshopped himself into pictures of Kendall Jenner.

He is a real troll. Let's see what he created. The eighth picture is very interesting, not good sense.

12 celebs today and their childhood photos.

Celebrities when they were babies.

Dwayne “The rock” Johnson’s tips to redress the balance in your life.

This is a special diet from Dwayne Johnson. You should try it if you want from lose your weight.

This is what The Oscars looked like 30 years ago.

In the old days at the Oscar Award ceremony.

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